Alright, Fam

back from chaos

Posted by Martin Ames Harrison on Sun, Dec 3, 2017

Yeah, yeah, at least one post per day. The exception makes the rule, right? I had some shit to handle at work and now things are flowing smoothly again. No drugs, better sleep, consistent exercise.

I’ve been more active on Gab, picking up followers here and there. I am not trying to build a following, but noticed that mentioning a bigger account (while offering something clever or neat, obviously) is the surest way to get upvotes and new followers. Post something good having a logical connection to the persona in question, get ‘regabbed’, get post noticed and liked. My score-per-post is pretty weak and will remain weak for as long as I am doing Gab right because I am mostly posting about language-learning. And no one gives a shit about Icelandic conjugation tables. It is a great place to collect little observations for later. Soon, I hope, it will be a good place for video clips (and I will be able to take my stuff off of (((YT))), a platform which is bad and super gay).

There are several projects I’ve been meaning to pick back up again. I may very soon have a lot of extra time on my hands, so let me list them here in the hope that I can check some off.

  • Review Symbolic Species as promised
  • Donation page, really for the experience of building the Lambda Bitcoin processor, which definitely could be put to use by others in the movement.
  • Email page, same; just for the experience. People can already get a hold of me pretty easily.
  • Icelandic Grammar cheatsheet. I found one by this Alaric fellow.
  • Ferengi Friend Finder. Android app that my brother dreamt up. He’ll have some time off work real soon, so we’ll get it done.
  • Full translations. How have I still not translated a story? Shameful. I had a strange thought about the English Grimm stories during storytime. They are poorly translated, apparently. Very awkward English. What if that makes them more readily translated back into German? I don’t know, perhaps they are just weird. The plots and characters are weird. In the Blue Light, a man finds a dwarf guardian who attacks the man’s enemies, “[falling] on them like lightning” with his little cudgel. Bizarre and could be intentionally funny. It reminded me of the dream sequence in Dumb and Dumber, especially the part in the restaurant (about a minute thirty in).

It’s funny because it’s his own fantasy and yet he bites that guy’s nuts. If that looks to you like Ow, My Balls!, then look again. It is hysterically funny.

That list is plenty long enough. No, it’s not. I need to add other things. I need to publish my notes on NLP and my notes from the Stanford CV course in post form. Let me summarize that thus:

  • Much, much more mathematical and ML/DS content up here. Technical, applied, all of it.

What would be interesting for my audience on Gab? The thought does move me. FTN Analytics is a great idea, but it really is quite thin. TRS seems to offer nothing. Should I market myself as a High Nate Silver for the fashy goys? I think he already was that, to be honest. Can’t find that tweet about Jewish influence (“…whoa, holy shit never mind…”), but I think I’m remembering right that it was his.

One more thing. I am learning to be an expert miner of social media data. That will not be a great challenge, but will take work. I am going downstairs right now to read intro materials. Here I go.