and a few minor changes

Posted by Martin Ames Harrison on Sat, Aug 12, 2017

Following the Damore debacle, I nuked my Goolag and will not be going back. I created another Gab account and will be using that for what it can do, here and there.

Contact form plan is ditched; it’ll remain a static page with a few details since contacting me is already pretty easy. I had gotten the recaptcha working with the form, but now that I’ve abandoned that service I won’t be able to manage it. Besides which, I’m not in the business of web development. It’s great that I’m able to manage this site at a low level with AWS, but I give zero fucks about web programming. Which means the “donate” will not be automated as planned (with Lambda services). REAMSTACK was never meant to evolve as a website; it was always supposed to be about developing my ideas on mathematics, natural language and current events.

Posts to come will be rather technical but worthwhile. For me at least.

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