Merry Christmas

and another Jesus Year

Posted by Martin Ames Harrison on Sat, Dec 23, 2017

I believed falsely for some reason that “Jesus Year” refers to one’s thirty-third year, that is, when one is 32. At some point over the past year I reflected on that and thought that I would make a point of living more deliberately. While I certainly have been living more deliberately, I also fell down in places and I know that I can do a lot better. It’s kind of nice to discover that “Jesus Year” more commonly refers to the year during which one is thirty-three years old. So I get a do-over!

That’s fun. You never get a do-over in life. How impossible, and in keeping with the theme of impossibility I have resolved to recapture a long-lost prize. I even have a way forward, a clear path toward it. The beauty is that it will carry me “on the diagonal”, so that I am not throwing all my eggs into one basket, strapping myself to a rocket or otherwise acting recklessly.

Vaping is interesting. It’s very implicit. To be precise, and to give credit where credit is due, I must point out that Chinese were the ones to invent the e-cigarette. Well, if I am being precise, I should say that Wikipedia has it that they patented it first! But vaping culture is very much a White thing. I did a little research with an eye toward getting myself a device appropriate for delivering medicinal doses. Nicotine, widely reviled as one of the most harmful and addicitive drugs available, is the only non-psychedelic drug I have ever been able to use responsibly. So I am not afraid to play with this, and I think that it could be a net positive to know that a nicotine high is always available and without the cost of inhaling tar.

But getting back on track, it’s fun to think about why vaping is so implicit. It really is geeky. Just to understand my options in a sane and reasonable time frame, I had to draw on my basic electronics knowledge - Ohm’s Law calculations come into play in comparing any options beyond the trivial toy ones that aren’t worth anyone’s time. So there’s that. There’s also a bit of a rebel flavor in the smell most of these vaping enthusiasts give off. And not the violent, impulsive car thief kind of rebel. More of a righteous subversiveness. Right up my alley, though their fight is not my fight. The (((legislators))) may choose to lie about the safety of vaping, and ban or tax the e-liquid market out of existence - I will shrug and move on with the more important work at hand…

I really fucking love Female Vocal Trance. Should that be capitalized? I’m honestly not sure. It deserves to be, anyhow. It puts me in a great space mentally. It’s nicotine for the ear. At a certain age, you’re not welcome at EDM festivals. That must be true. Probably I should lose the beard first.

This is another demarcation point. There have been many before, on REAMSTACK, up until this point. But this one is different. See if you can guess what it is. Go ahead. You can probably do it.

Yitang Zhang is a very interesting man and worthy of our admiration. He did something very improbable with this life. Plus, his story is funny. Look at this cunt advisor Moh. You can tell he was a petty, lying little shit whose most impactful contribution to the general unfolding of the universe was to hold back a smart, industrious young Zhang. Pity.

The world really is made of language.

Merry Christmas.