Once More

at least once

Posted by Martin Ames Harrison on Sat, Jan 13, 2018

Depersonalization/derealization disorder is fascinating. Depersonalization is a special flavor of dissociation, disconnecting from reality. It is not hallucination (really, not even close) and is not easily understood by people who have not experienced it.

What is going on with Twitter? Should anyone use it for anything? More generally, has social media improved human civilization? Would genocidal space marine Groyperism allow smartphones? The answer to all but the first of these questions is “No.”. The answer to the first is something like “It is failing.”.

It is snowing very hard in the Northeast and folks there are hunkering down.

There is no longer any email service for the reamstack.net domain; the “Contact” page has been adapted accordingly.

Rubik was actually an architect.

A markedly less diverse, less progressive United States put live humans on the surface of the Moon and then brought them safely back to Earth. It has been nearly 50 years. Will anyone else go there? Can anyone else pull it off? When will the US achieve sufficient Diversity & Inclusion™ to do it once more? Perhaps SpaceX can help…

People are very foolish who console themselves with the thought that they will be missed after they have been wiped out. They will not be missed, because their ways and their systems and their views will go with them. Replaced by those of the peoples which wiped them out. Duh.

Anglin is staggeringly right: it’s either Uncle Ted’s vision or a genocidal space empire of artificially grown marines and their infertile slaves. It sounds insane only to those who have not given it serious thought.

Furthermore, Uncle Ted’s vision is inherently unstable. It is exactly the set of circumstances which led to current circumstances!

The way out, as the modern Stoics say, is through. In all things.

Isolation tanks are not so isolating. Do their benefits really have much to do with sensory deprivation, as is popularly assumed? Is there evidence for the popular belief that DMT is at play?

Joe Rogan is a master persuader. Neither a great comedian nor a great martial artist. Very good at both, but truly excellent as a human being and a man.

His sadism shows, at times. That’s good. People are scary who never let it out to play. He sat with Fitzsimmons, a mediocre comedian of slight build whose hair is in a bad way. Rogan was talking about sex. You know when a woman’s really into it? When she pulls you in and wraps herself around you? How she is breathing? You know that? Rogan watched Fitzsimmons with a predatory look, knowing damn well Fizsimmons could not relate. Oh, well. A man had better figure out exactly what he is and make peace with it.